Preparing for the Future

We all prepare for the future in various ways. When we are young, we prepare for the future by deciding what we want to do with our lives. We decide what kind of job we want to be doing. This leads us to prepare by selecting the proper training needed – trade school, college, etc. We then pursue those things that will help us achieve those plans.

Some prepare for their future by saving money for retirement. They invest money in a variety of different areas (401ks, IRAs, etc.) so they can have money to live off when they decide to retire. They plan what they want to do with their lives upon retirement – travel abroad, visit family, etc.

Others may put money aside for their kids to go to college. They believe that their kids should be able to not have great amounts of debt to receive higher education. They save and sacrifice now so their kids can have a better future down the road.

However, how often do we truly consider our spiritual future. How often do we prepare and plan for where God wants us to be? Do we take time to think about those things that God wants us to learn this coming year? Do we prepare ourselves for those places that God wants to take us?

While there is nothing wrong with preparing for the future and making plans to reach those goals, we do have to be careful that we make sure that our plans do not stifle where God wants to take us. When we make plans, we must remain open to allowing God to change our course when necessary. When our plans align with what God desires for us, then we experience the true blessings that God has in store for us.

Be encouraged that God has a plan for you. He desires to give you a blessed life. That does not mean that your life will be free from pain, hardship, and trouble. There will definitely be things in this world that will bring those things. However, God’s blessings can carry us through even the darkest days we encounter on this earth.

As we prepare for the future, I encourage us to focus on what God desires – that you would grow in a deeper relationship with Him and that you would make an impact for His kingdom. God desires to have a relationship with you that causes you to share the gospel with others and help them become followers of Christ. It is my prayer that we focus on those things first and foremost and let God take care of the rest!

Pressing on Towards Heaven,
Pastor Ryan

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