Current Sermon Series
How do we respond when God calls us to do something? Join us for this five-week series as we see Jonah’s response to God calling him to go and proclaim God’s message to a people that Jonah probably didn’t think needed God’s grace.
If you would like to study the book of Jonah during this series, feel free to download the following Bible study for free. You can study on your own or find a group of friends and study together.
Week 1 – Choosing to Ignore God
Jonah 1:1-10
Jonah 1:11-16
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April 2019

Remaining Focused on God’s Plan

Remaining focused on God’s plan takes constant renewal and courage.

March 2019

Celebrating God’s Goodness

Genuine joy is best experienced within fellowship with followers of Christ.

Confession Leads to Renewal

We must deal with our sin and commit to follow Christ.

What Do You Treasure?


Refocusing on God’s Word

To know what God desires for us, we must know and obey His Word.