Current Sermon Series

Week 1 – The B-Team

MATTHEW 4:18-22
Do we have a passion for those in our lives who do not know Jesus? What if we all just found one person to pray for this year? What if we began to truly love that person and show them who Jesus is through our lives? What if we focused on intentionally sharing the gospel with that person? Join us on this journey this year. Who’s your one?
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Who is Jesus? The prophet Isaiah spoke about a coming baby that was going to be “God with us.” Join us as we look at some of the prophecies about Jesus and how that should spur us to sharing about Him in our daily lives.


Week 1 – The Child of Light

Isaiah 9:1-7

Week 2 – The Child of Peace

Isaiah 11-1-12

Week 3 – The Suffering Servant

Isaiah 53:1-12
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September 2019

The Promised Rest From Jesus

Forgiving Others

When we forgive others, we show the world we have been forgiven.

God’s Guidance

Prayer helps us receive God’s guidance for living holy lives. 

August 2019

What We Need

Through prayer, God gives us our physical and spiritual needs.

Focus on God

Prayer should first be an act of adoring God and submitting to His will.