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Preparing to Move Out

Week 2 – Preparing to Move Out Text: Acts 1:12-26 Sermon notes: Coming together in unity (v. 12-14) Making hard decisions (v. 15-22) Replacing leadership

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Fearing God

Sermon notes: Proper worship attitude (5:1-7) Rewards in life or eternity (8:10-13) Conclusion: fear and obey God (12:9-14) Big Idea of the Message: Our ultimate

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Vanity of Time

Sermon notes: The ebb and flow of time (3:1-8) Time compared to eternity (3:9-15) Big Idea of the Message: Seeking after the eternal is a

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Vanity of Pleasure

Sermon notes: Seeking after pleasure (2:1-11) Finding pleasure in toil (2:18-26) Chasing after wealth (6:1-9) Big Idea of the Message: A life of striving for

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Vanity of Wisdom

Sermon notes: Chasing after wisdom (1:12-18) Wisdom cannot save us (3:16-22) Wisdom cannot extend life (9:11-12) Big Idea of the Message: Wisdom cannot give us

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Vanity of Life

Sermon notes: All is meaningless (1:1-2) Striving for nothing (1:3-11) Big Idea of the Message: Nothing in the physical world can give meaning to our

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