Confession Leads to Renewal

Opening Day in baseball. There is nothing like it. A day when every team starts fresh. A day when every fan can feel like their team has a legitimate chance to win the World Series. It is a day of new beginnings. A day when hope is restored. There are many people in this world that are looking for a fresh start. They are looking to start something new. They are looking to fill the longing they have inside of them with something that they have not yet found. The reality is that they have not found Someone who can fill them — Jesus. People around us need to hear that they can become a new creation in Christ and start a new relationship with God. The reality is that we all need renewal in our lives. While those of us who follow Jesus have already started our relationship with Jesus, we all struggle with the sin that so easily entangles our lives. Every day we should be seeking to start anew in our walk with God. That means we need to start each day in a time of confessing those areas in our lives where we fall short of what God desires for us. Confession of sin should be a part of our lives as followers of Christ. Far too often we become complacent and comfortable in our lives as Christians. We begin to look at others with judging hearts. We begin to ignore, justify, and even conceal our sin. We begin to look down on others that have “greater sins” than ours. The reality is that sin is sin in God’s eyes. There are no levels of sin. All sin separates us from God no matter what it is. If we truly want to get back on track with God, we need to start by confessing our sin to Him. He already knows what we have done — He simply wants to hear from us that we want to live a different way, His way. I would encourage you to start today confessing those things you think, say, and do that lead you away from God. Seek Him and ask Him to forgive you. The cool thing about God is that when you ask for forgiveness, He forgives! He does not hold confessed sin against you. He lets you start fresh! Pressing on Towards Heaven, Pastor Ryan @RamblingPastor

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