COVID Update and Sunday July 19 Worship

Over the past two weeks we have done our best to continue ministry be online through Zoom Bible studies and live streaming our worship services. I have been daily watching where the numbers are in regards to the cases of COVID-19 very carefully. I have spent much time in prayer seeking God‘s face asking for clarity as far as what our church should do moving forward. I also know it is my role as pastor of the church to lead us in the best way possible trying to follow God’s direction. The decision is never an easy one no matter which way we proceed.

As a pastor, I am held to a high standard of living above reproach. And just to speak frankly when the mask proclamation came out from Governor Ducey I did not agree with it. However, in seeking to follow with what scripture teaches I have done my best to ensure that I am wearing a mask when in public places. For example, yesterday I picked up Chipotle for lunch. As I arrived at the restaurant to pick up my order, I realized I had forgotten my mask at home. I quickly went inside covering my face with my shirt and informed them I forgot my mask. After then I waited outside until my order was ready. I could have stayed in the restaurant and exercised my freedom to choose not to wear a mask. Instead I chose to set an example of the importance of doing my part in what makes other people feel safe and comfortable.

As I have prayed and sought God‘s guidance for our church, I feel led to resume meeting again for in person worship starting this Sunday. For now, we will only have one worship service at 10:55 AM on Sunday mornings. We will continue to live stream the service so those that are not ready to return at this point may join us in worship. I want to stress that if you do not feel ready to return or if you feel at this point it is not safe to return that you may stay home and join us via the live stream. I also want to stress that if you feel sick or have been sick in a day or so leading up to Sunday, then please remain home to protect others. As we move forward, we will continue to do some of the things we have already been doing that I believe we have been doing well. We will encourage people to wash their hands and will have hand sanitizer stations available upon entering the worship center. We will also be opening up the side doors after service to allow people to exit in a variety of different ways as to try to keep people physically distancing. We will also continue to block off every other role in the sanctuary to encourage social distancing between family groups. We will not pass the offering plate during worship but will have offering boxes available at the exits. We will forgo having a welcome time with hand shaking during the worship service. Starting this Sunday, we will also have masks available for those that would choose to wear them during our worship services. If you choose to wear your own mask you may do so during the worship service. We will also try to monitor closely how full the sanctuary becomes. If it looks like we begin to reach around 75% capacity we will then open up a room or rooms at the church to view the live stream of the worship service. We will also open extended care during the worship service for families with children ages kinder in below. We will ensure hand-washing and proper disinfecting of the rooms that are used to ensure the safety of our kids and those adults choosing to serve during this time. Again if you feel you are not ready to serve because of COVID-19 do not feel obligated to serve just because we are opening up extended session. We want to ensure that everyone feels safe in returning to worship and ministry activities.

As we return or as you choose to continue to stay home, I want you to know that I am praying for you and that I am seeking God‘s face in all that we do moving forward as Heart Of Mesa. I love you all and hope and pray that God will bring a swift end to this pandemic.

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  1. Don Bachelder says:

    Pastor Ryan thank you. I have really missed the fellowship and the music live. The Holy Spirit will move fully now during the sermon and music and all the lovin’.

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