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Jesus’ Mission Blueprint

Text: Acts 1:1-11

Sermon notes:

Remember what Jesus did (v. 1-3)

  • the book of Acts is part 2 (gospel of Luke is part 1)
  • Jesus prepared His followers

Wait for guidance (v. 4-5)

  • Jesus told them to wait together
  • the Holy Spirit was coming

Focus on the mission (v. 6-11)

  • Jesus reminded His followers of the task
  • the Holy Spirit gives us power
  • our purpose is to witness
  • the plan in to impact the entire world
  • what are you waiting for

Big Idea of the Message: God has given us the power, purpose, and plan to courageously be His witnesses to the world.

Application Point: Ask yourself if you have the urgency needed to carry out God’s mission.

Questions to Ponder :

  1. What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?
  2. Does it change your understanding of Acts to see it as a story of what Jesus is doing in the world?
  3. What is Jesus doing in your world?
  4. Do you agree that Acts 1:8 is a charge that we are supposed to be carrying out today? Why or why not?
  5. How well is your church is doing in fulfilling this mandate?
  6. How well are you doing in fulfilling this mandate?
  7. Would you say you are on fire for seeing other people brought to Jesus? Why or why not?

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