LFPA Backpack and School Supply Update

Over the past couple of months we have been collecting school supplies to help students at LFPA. Thank you for all who have donated either money or supplies up to this point. After inventorying what has been collected so far, we found that we are still in need for additional supplies. The following are the supplies that are still needed:
15 – 1 inch binders
31 – 1.5 inch binders
25 – 3 inch 3 ring binders
15 – 3 ring binder pencil organizers
30 – cloth book covers
31 – cloth pencil cases
15 – double sided pocket folders
71 – packs of dry erase markers
31 – EarPods (can be found at Dollar Tree)
125 – highlighters
26 – subject dividers
56 – wide ruled composition notebooks
119 – container of Clorox wipes
13 – boxes of colored pencils
11 – glue sticks
33 – pencil boxes
48 – rulers
79 – scissors
48 – boxes of Ticonderoga pencils
44 – packets of wide ruled loose leaf paper
46 – boxes of thin expo markers
34 – wide ruled spiral notebooks
We will collect through the end of August. You can bring supplies Sunday morning or drop them off during the week at the church office. Please call before bringing them to the church to ensure someone is available to collect the supplies. We will be having a backpack packing party sometime in September. More details to come. We also plan on distributing the backpacks and school supplies to students at LFPA before they start in person schooling in October. More details to follow.

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