Love That Conquers Death

We all experience death in our lives. No matter what age you are, death has touched your life. Death robs us of something that we cherish in some way. Even when death is expected, we struggle at times with the questions of “why.” 

Losing a loved one can have a lasting impact on our lives. Whether it is a parent, sibling, spouse, or even a child, death changes us. When a loved one goes before us in death, we inevitably live life differently than we did before. 

One of the greatest examples of Jesus’ humanity we find in Scripture centers on the death of a friend. In the gospel of John, we see Jesus receive word that His close friend Lazarus is very ill. Most of us might have dropped everything to go be near our friend. But John says Jesus stayed an extra two days where He was. After the two days, Jesus says that it is time to go and wake Lazarus up because he had fallen asleep.

When Jesus finally arrives in Bethany to visit Lazarus, his sisters, Mary and Martha, both come out to meet Jesus. Martha comes first to tell Jesus that Lazarus is dead but he would not have died had Jesus come sooner. Jesus tells Martha that He is the resurrection and life and those who believe in Him will never die. She then leaves to get Mary who had stayed behind in the house.

Mary comes to Jesus followed by those mourning the loss of Lazarus. Mary tells Jesus the same thing her sister did. This time Jesus asks to see where Lazarus has been buried. At this point Lazarus has been in the grave for four days. As Jesus surveys everything around Him, the grave, the mourners, Mary and Martha, He is moved deep within His spirit. John then records that Jesus burst into tears.

Jesus knew the pain of death. He had already at this point lost many in His life that He knew. He understood how death robs us. He loved Lazarus. He grieved the loss of His friend. Even those around Jesus noticed His great love for Lazarus. He then tells them to move the stone away from the tomb and calls Lazarus to come out and Lazarus walks out linens still wrapped on him!

Jesus knows the pain we feel when someone close to us dies. If death were the end, all we would be left with is grief. However, the love of God conquered death. After Jesus died and was buried, God the Father rose Jesus from the grave. His loved conquered death so it is no longer the end. As Jesus told Martha, those that believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord will never have to truly experience death. 

Death is a reality. However, God conquered death and gives us the opportunity to live with Him forever. Jesus’ resurrection changed everything!

Pressing on Towards Heaven,

Pastor Ryan


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  1. Don Bachelder says:

    Pastor Ryan:

    This writing would not qualify for a rambling. I learned a few things I didn’t know. This should be read by all Christians who are grieving because of death. Thank you so much.

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