Love That Makes All Things New

I love walking outside after rain. There is a freshness that you can feel and smell that cannot be duplicated. Especially in the desert, rain brings about new life in barren areas. Through rain the earth receives what it needs for all life to survive. It brings with it hope that we can continue.

Rain, and the life that it brings, is a great picture of God’s love for His creation. But think back to the first time that Scripture mentions that rain fell upon the earth. During the time of Noah, corruption and sin was rampant on the earth. Sound familiar? God had had enough and decided that man had gone too far and was going to destroy every living thing on the earth. But there was one man that found favor in God’s eyes – Noah.

Noah was given the task to build an ark to protect his family and just enough of all the animals to eventually repopulate the earth. God told Noah that flood waters would come. The ark that he was to build would keep them all safe. It would protect them from God’s wrath toward the sin in the world. So Noah built the ark.

When the ark was completed, Noah filled it exactly as God commanded. He made sure his family was on it. He made sure two of every kind of animals was aboard. He also made sure to bring seven pairs of clean animals and birds as God commanded. Once everything was on the ark as God commanded, the flood came.

The flood came from both the subterranean waters and the rain from the sky. For forty days and forty nights rain fell non-stop. The earth was flooded and no dry land could be seen. Eventually the waters receded and Noah and every living thing with him on the ark experienced new life.

There are definitely times in our lives where we feel overwhelmed. We feel that we are drowning in what life puts before us. But God offers us hope. Even when this life gets us down and we feel the flood waters rising up around us, we can hold fast to the hope that God is still there. God loves us and can use even those dark times to bring about something new in our lives. 

God has a plan. We can trust in Him because He is ahead of us and knows what we need. Life will be difficult at times but God can use even those dark days to bring about something new in our lives. 

Pressing on Towards Heaven,

Pastor Ryan


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  1. Carol Weller says:

    I enjoy reading your ramblings as you call them. They touch my life and every thing you put in them make sense to me. Thank you for being our pastor.

    Love and blessing to you and your family
    Carol S Weller

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