Pray for Our Nation

As I sat in the hospital room with my youngest son this afternoon, I picked up my phone to a news alert about events that are still transpiring in our nation’s capital. I have read through different stories from different news outlets depicting the events that have happened throughout today. To say I am surprised is an understatement. While our nation has been divided before over election results, I have never in my lifetime seen these types of events happen in our nation. I have watched news reports of these kinds of events happening around the globe but never in our own backyard. 

Words cannot describe my feelings. I know many are upset. I know many are frustrated. I know many feel the worst is yet to come. To some degree, this is just the beginning. I do not know what the next few days, weeks, or months hold for our country, but I do know that the time for Jesus’ return is drawing near. Jesus himself warned of wars, false prophets, earthquakes, famines, etc. as the beginning of “birth pains” (Mark 13:5-8). The unrest around the world is growing. People are afraid. 

As a follower of Christ, my hope is not found in events on this earth. Am I dishearten by what I have seen transpire today? Yes. Am I frustrated with events that have happened over the past year? Absolutely. But I choose not to let those things steal my joy. God has blessed me with good health, an awesome wife, great kids, and a wonderful church family. My hope is found in my Savior who promises to return and make all things new. I look forward to the day when all these types of things that are happening today will fade away and Christ ushers in His new kingdom.

So what can we do today? PRAY. I encourage everyone to get on your knees and pray for what is happening. Only God can bring about true peace around us. Only our Heavenly Father can truly mend the broken relationships in our nation. Only Christ can bring all followers of Christ together as Paul says, “there is neither jew not Greek, slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28)

Join me as I pray for our nation. Our leaders need God’s wisdom in the days ahead. Those that feel disenfranchised need God’s peace. Those that are sick need comfort. We live in strange days and we need God more than ever. Let’s commit to truly praying for each other and that God’s will be done – whatever that ends up being! Now more than ever, followers of Christ need to be deeply rooted in our Lord and Savior!

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