Remembering 9/11

We remember. Twenty years ago, I was a junior in college. It was a Tuesday morning. It seemed like just another day when I awoke that morning. Little did I know that everything around me would change in an instant. On September 11, 2001, we experienced a tragedy that had never happened before. Terrorists had attacked us on our soil. As I spent time this past week remembering that day, I found myself reliving the moments of that morning. Reliving the feelings of that day. The anger that we were attacked. The anxiety of not knowing what to do. Life as we knew it seemed to come to a standstill. 

Looking back, anyone who was old enough remembers that day. It is a day that we never truly forget. Now twenty years later, I look back on that day as a day that God sought to use for His purposes. Tragedy, no matter what it is, can bring us closer to God or drive us away from Him depending on our view of God. If we see God as a chess grandmaster merely moving the chess pieces of life around at His whim, then the events twenty years ago will only solidify in our minds that God is distant and uncaring about humanity. However, if we see God as the One who not only created us in His image but also as the One who saved us from what we deserve, then the events of 9/11, as horrific as they are, can draw us closer to Him. 

Life is full of tragedy and trials. Jesus warned us of this. Paul warned us of this. The entire Bible is filled with various stories of trials that people of God faced. I know from first hand experience how trials in this life can seek to pull us down. But I fully believe that every trial we face, every heartache we feel, every difficult situation we endure, God uses them to stretch and grow us. Jesus knows our fears. He walked through difficult times. He understands how we feel. 

As we look back and remember, I encourage all of us to also look to what we can learn from any and all the difficult situations of the past or are current struggles happening right now. How has God used those difficult situations in the past to take you into a deeper relationship with Him? How can God be using current trials to show you areas in which you need to depend on Him more? 

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