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Love That Makes All Things New

I love walking outside after rain. There is a freshness that you can feel and smell that cannot be duplicated. Especially in the desert, rain brings about new life in barren areas.


Love That Conquers Death

We all experience death in our lives. No matter what age you are, death has touched your life. Death robs us of something that we cherish in some way. Even when death is expected, we struggle at times with the questions of “why.”


Love That Forgives Our Sin

Have you every been hurt by someone? I know that I have. We have all been hurt by someone at sometime in our lives. The reason for this is the three letter word that we don’t like to talk about — sin.


What Does Easter Mean for Me Here and Now?

Growing up, Easter always meant going to church, going to my grandparents house after church, and hunting for Easter eggs. We would usually get new outfits to wear for Easter (usually that was the only day we would wear them) and my parents would make sure to get nice pictures of us.


Remaining Focused

Baseball is a part of our culture in America. It was one of the first organized sports to take place in our country. Throughout the years baseball has been one of the constants that we can count on happening each year.


Celebrating God’s Goodness

One of the sayings I can always remember being uttered in church is “God is good.” When someone would say that phrase others would reply “all the time.” If someone would then say “all the time” others would reply “God is good.” Goodness is part of God’s character. He cares for us and loves us in spite of ourselves.


Confession Leads to Renewal

Opening Day in baseball. There is nothing like it. A day when every team starts fresh. A day when every fan can feel like their team has a legitimate chance to win the World Series. It is a day of new beginnings. A day when hope is restored.


This Is Love

Spring is almost officially here (although we have had more than springlike temperatures lately) which means we can begin to see the “new life” around us. As spring arrives, we see the “rebirth” of plants that have laid dormant during the winter months. Flowers begin to bloom. We can hear the sounds of birds outside our windows. Spring brings a sense of starting over after the dreary winter.


Refocusing on God’s Word

When taking any kind of trip, it is always best to know where you should be going. If you are going on a road trip, it would be best to map out the best route to take. When you go on a hike, it is important to have a map or compass to ensure you do not get lost. In order to arrive at the destination, you need to make sure you know where you are going.


Preparing for the Future

We all prepare for the future in various ways. When we are young, we prepare for the future by deciding what we want to do with our lives. We decide what kind of job we want to be doing. This leads us to prepare by selecting the proper training needed – trade school, college, etc. We then pursue those things that will help us achieve those plans.

Some prepare for their future by