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Rebuilding Through Community

Have you ever built something? I like to “fiddle” around building things. I think this “hobby” grew from my love of LEGOs growing up. I like to build something and feel satisfied after the work is done. But I’ve found as an adult that when I’ve built things that I run into difficulties along the way. We have called these endeavors “Smith Projects.” It never fails that when I start a project, that I usually have to make at least 5 trips to Home Depot or Lowes


God Protects His People

Growing up, I can remember the Nike ad campaign “Just Do It.” While the shoe company still uses that slogan, I can remember it everywhere as a child. While they sought to encourage consumers to buy their products so they could achieve their athletic dreams, this same mentality should hold true for followers of Christ. We should be living


Refocusing on Holiness

Have you ever been appalled by what is happening in the world today? I know that I have a hard time turning on the news because I find that I quickly becoming upset by the atrocities that happen in today’s culture. I get frustrated by all of news of arguing, violence, and immorality


God Sends Help

Did you know that passion is contagious? Robert Fried writes in his book The Passionate Learner, “More than knowledge of subject matter. More than variety of teaching techniques. More than being well organized or friendly or funny or fair. Passion. Passionate people


Rebuilding God’s House

What were some of your “New Year’s Resolutions”? Did you want to lose weight this year? Did you want to eat healthier? Did you want to read your Bible more? Now that January is almost over, most of us, if we made resolutions, have probably fallen very short


Rebuilding Struggles

Have you ever started something with great intentions and then struggled to keep it going? I know that many times I have started different projects but struggle to complete them. Sometimes the reason is that I get tired. Other times I lose focus. Most of the time, however,


Thank you

What a week it has been! I first want to say thank you to our church family. We were definitely “pounded” on Sunday night. While we are not sure where we are going to put everything


Rebuild and Refocus

With the start of the new year, many people put out New Year’s Resolutions. Some people strive to lose weight, gain muscle, and be healthier. Others seek to get their finances in order, spend less, and give more. Whatever your resolutions might be