Current Sermon Series

Week 1 – Giving with the Proper Attitude

GENESIS 4:1-10

Week 2 – Giving Sacrificially

LUKE 20:45-21:4
This mini-series examines the significance of being a good steward of the resources God provides to us, and of the willingness to give him our best. We follow Christ’s example when we use our money to serve God, rather than serving our money.
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In these trying times that we face today, now more than ever we need to be people that pray. Join us for this nine-week series as we look at various aspects of prayer and why it is so important to us as followers of Christ.

Week 1 – Jesus’ Prayer Life

Various Passages

Week 2 – Prayer in the Early Church

Various Passages

Week 3 – Stop Hindering Your Prayers

Various Passages

Week 4 – Strengthening Your Prayer Life

Various Passages

Week 5 – Praying God’s Word

Various Passages

Week 6 – Coming Together to Pray

Various Passages

Week 7 – Praying Fervently

Acts 12:1-25

Week 8 – Praying for the Sick

James 5:14-16

Week 9 – The Sinner’s Prayer

Romans 10:9-13
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