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How do we return from this time of uncertainty? What will the “new normal” look like? With so many questions arising as we begin to shift back to meeting together as a church, Haggai’s prophecy helps us see the process of personal renewal that should take place in our lives as we come back together. 

Week 1 – Renewed Priority

Haggai 1:1-15

Week 2 – Renewed Perspective

Haggai 2:1-9
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Week 1 – Jesus Is with Us in the Storm

MARK 4:35-41

Week 2 – Trusting the Lord in the Wilderness


Week 3 – Jesus Our Greatest Joy

JOHN 16:16-24

Week 4 – Following God in Faith

GENESIS 12:1-9
We are living in uncertain times. Each day seems to bring new challenges as we now live through days of social distancing. Even though life seems to be uncertain, Jesus remains the same. Join us during the month of April as we seek to find encouragement and hope knowing that Jesus is here with us.
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February 2019

God Sends Help

God prepares us to do His kingdom work.

January 2019

Rebuilding God’s House

Joy comes from following what God calls us to do.

Rebuilding Struggles

As we seek to follow God’s leading, we will find obstacles in our way.

Installation Service for Dr. Ryan Smith

December 2018

The Light Among Us

By accepting who Christ is, we can be adopted into God’s family.