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Finding joy in today’s world can be difficult at times. As Paul writes his letter to the church at Philippi, one of the overarching themes Paul touches on is joy. Join us as we discover how we can have contagious joy in our lives.

Week 1 – Joyful Thanksgiving and Prayer

Philippians 1:1-11
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Week 1 – Waiting in the In-Between

ROMANS 12:9-21

Week 2 – Beauty in Anticipation

MATTHEW 1:18-25

Week 3 – Hope in Our Inheritance

2020 has been a year of many different changes. But one thing is clear – Christmas isn’t cancelled! As followers of Christ, we have hope that transcends the crazy times we live in. Join us as we focus on those things that can help us finish the remainder of the year strong.
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June 2020

Responding with Honor

God calls us to honor and submit to earthly leaders even when we endure hardship because of them.

Building Up God’s People

As we grow together in our faith, we should be proclaiming God’s goodness to others.

Ransomed for Holiness

Because we have been redeemed, we need to live our lives focused on loving others.

May 2020

Rejoice in Salvation

We should rejoice because we can fully experience God’s plan of salvation in our lives.

Renewed Promise

God’s promises are eternal and will always be fulfilled.