The Generous Church

The Generous Church

When you think of a church what comes to mind? Maybe it is a building that you go to weekly to worship with other believers. Maybe you think of a group of believers in Acts that turned the world upside down after Jesus’ the day of Pentecost. Maybe you think of a group of people that gather in a home and study the Bible together.

The church is more than just a building that we meet in on Sunday mornings. The church is the community of believers throughout the world as well as the local congregation that meets together. The church is the body of Christ with Christ as the head. We are the people of God who have been called to glorify Him. We are a diverse group of people who come together to worship God, serve those outside of the church, and train those within the church. The church is a spiritual organism that is not static. We should be a maturing fellowship that seeks to grow in our faith individually and corporately. We are to be a redemptive society that reaches outside our walls and seeks to bring those who do not know Christ into fellowship with us. We are also a theological community that holds to a basic understanding of Scripture.

A church at its core should be a supportive community. Now I have been privileged to be at churches that truly exemplify what it means to love and support each other. One of the great blessings of a pastor is when the church truly becomes a generous church. It is my blessing to be a part of a generous church right now! I have seen Heart of Mesa love and support not only my family through the difficult days that my family has experienced but also reach out to other families within our congregation that have struggled as well. We talk about the church being a family and Heart of Mesa truly is a family that speaks truth and loves beyond measure. 

I cannot brag enough about how generous the church has been to me and my family since the birth of our youngest son Aaron. From meals, to gifts of needs, to understanding the immense stress and exhaustion we face, Heart of Mesa has become a church that has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of her pastor. Any chance I get, I make sure to brag on my church and tell them how loving and generous the people here are. We have a great launching point into reaching the community around the church and throughout the city of Mesa with God’s love because Heart of Mesa knows what it means to love others. 

I look forward to what God has in store for us as we venture into the coming years. I hope we continue to grow more and more generous with each other and with the community around us as we seek to make disciples of Christ. 

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