This Is Love

Spring is almost officially here (although we have had more than springlike temperatures lately) which means we can begin to see the “new life” around us. As spring arrives, we see the “rebirth” of plants that have laid dormant during the winter months. Flowers begin to bloom. We can hear the sounds of birds outside our windows. Spring brings a sense of starting over after the dreary winter.
With the coming of spring, we are nearing the time where we celebrate the greatest act of love ever done – Christ’s death and resurrection. We are only a few weeks away from remembering Christ’s sacrifice for us. In the weeks leading up to Easter, I hope that we will begin to remember why we celebrate. It’s not about the candy or egg hunts. It’s about our risen Savior!
This Easter Sunday, we will have a sunrise service (6:30am), Bible study (9:45am), and a combined worship service (10:55am). As we gather this year to celebrate Christ’s love for us, I want to encourage everyone to invite those in your lives that do not know who Christ is. Starting Easter Sunday, I will be preaching a three week mini-series entitled “This is Love” which will focus on Christ’s love that forgives sin, conquers death, and makes all things new. 
Studies show that people do not attend a church service simply because they are not invited. So I want to encourage us to invite those people for these three weeks. Starting this Sunday, we will have two resources available to you to help you. First, we will have Engagers. These “Engagers” are beautifully-designed, modern day tracts with compelling messaging and full-color graphics on the front and back. We will also have invite cards that will have our church’s information and Easter service times on the back.
These are tools to help you. I would invite you to begin praying about who God wants you to invite for Easter. Begin building your relationship with them and engage them daily. Let’s show those around us the love that Christ has for us this Easter!
Pressing on Towards Heaven,
Pastor Ryan

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