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Vanity of Pleasure

Sermon notes:

Seeking after pleasure (2:1-11)

  • pleasures in life bring no fulfillment
  • chasing after all the pleasures in life
  • pleasure found in possessions is worthless

Finding pleasure in toil (2:18-26)

  • no pleasure in providing an inheritance
  • toiling for wealth brings no rest
  • learn to enjoy the blessings from your work

Chasing after wealth (6:1-9)

  • prosperity without joy is worthless
  • our appetite is never satisfied

Big Idea of the Message: A life of striving for work, wealth, and pleasure does not bring fulfillment.

Application Point: Take an inventory of what God has blessed you with and seek to be content with those blessings.

Questions to Ponder :

  1. What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?
  2. Can you think of some examples of people who made their life all about money, work, fame, education, or seeking pleasure?
  3. What happens to them? Are they fulfilled?
  4. What does Qoheleth teach us about finding meaning in the pursuit of pleasure or wealth?
  5. Are these things (work, wealth, education, pleasure) wrong in and of themselves? When do they become wrong?
  6. Have you ever been disappointed when you got what you thought you wanted?

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