Adoring God
Valuing Maturity
Passionately pursuing people

Vanity of Wisdom

Sermon notes:

Chasing after wisdom (1:12-18)

  • the hopeless pursuit of wisdom
  • work has not eternal value
  • both wisdom and folly are useless

Wisdom cannot save us (3:16-22)

  • God judges all people
  • God determines life and death indiscriminately

Wisdom cannot extend life (9:11-12)

  • life happens beyond our control
  • death comes suddenly

Big Idea of the Message: Wisdom cannot give us the perfect life because life is random.

Application Point: Rather than trusting in wisdom to guide us we should trust in God to lead us through each day as it happens.

Questions to Ponder :

  1. What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?
  2. Do we obsess over formulas to give success? What is an example of a popular formula for success in our culture?
  3. Have you ever been the naive freshman? What about the jaded senior?
  4. Does life seem complex, random, and unjust? In what ways?
  5. If life is random and unjust and we can’t control it through formulas, what do we do?

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