June 13-17, 2021
Ages 4 through Completed Grade 6
Family Night
June 18, 2021
Each night will begin with kids gathering together to sing songs, review the VBS Motto and Verse, and get excited about the rest of the night.
Kids spend time each night learning about how God gives us a solid foundation on which to build our lives. Each day kids will focus on how Jesus’ love provides a lasting foundation. 
Week Overview:
Day 1: Foundation of Love (Matthew 9:9-13)
Daily Point: Jesus chooses to love me. (3s-Kinder)
Daily Point: Jesus chooses to love me. I can’t earn it. (Grades 1-6)
Day 2: Foundation of Forgiveness (Acts 26:1-29)
Daily Point: Jesus loves me no matter what. (3s-Kinder)
Daily Point Jesus love me regardless of my sin. (Grades 1-6)
Day 3: Foundation of Worth (Matthew 26:36-46)
Daily Point: Jesus has a plan for me. (3s-Kinder)
Daily Point: Jesus chose to die for me. (Grades 1-6)
Day 4: Foundation of Promise (Matthew 28:1-10, 16-20)
Daily Point: Jesus will always be with me. (3’s-Kinder)
Daily Point: Jesus will always love me. (Grades 1-6)
Day 5: Foundation for Life (Matthew 7:24-29)
Daily Point: Jesus helps me know how to live. (3s-Kinder)
Daily Point: Jesus’ love is the foundation for the rest of my life. (Grades 1-6)
Jackhammer Music
Kids will learn vibrant songs and motions for the week centered on the theme for each day.
Bulldozer Crafts
Kids will make souvenirs centered on the theme for each day to help them remember their time at VBS.
Excavator Missions
Kids will learn about people serving in mission work around the world and be challenged to pray for and give money to help them.
Food Truck Snacks/
Wrecking Ball Rec
Kids will have a time of snacks and fun and games focusing on teamwork and accomplishing challenging tasks.