We desire to be a church that adores God, values personal spiritual maturity, and  passionately pursues the lost in our community.


Embracing the heart of mesa with Jesus’ abundant love



We have a heart…

  • for knowledge that aligns our lives with God’s Word
  • for living life together in genuine community
  • for prayer that permeates our entire lives
  • to be moved to love like Jesus
  • for active worship



Community Connection: Develop a heart for the community through monthly prayer walking through the neighborhoods surrounding the church

Discipleship: Encourage participation in small groups for all ages that stress accountability and transformation

Evangelism: Create a culture of every member being being part of sharing the gospel

Facilities: Update all gathering places to be modern, attractive, useful space

Ministries: Emphasize meeting the felt needs of the community through each ministry/program at HOM

Reputation: Become active in community events in the neighborhood and city of Mesa

Vision Roll Out: Roll out vision to all leadership and have the church embrace and adopt the vision



Connect with the community by sharing Jesus’ love
Commit to a relationship with Jesus
Cultivate spiritual maturity within the body of Christ
Commission followers of Jesus to make disciples