Vote today, love always

Today millions of Americans will exercise their right to vote. Over the past few months we have listened to rhetoric, debates, and political ads telling us who should lead us for the next four years. We have shared our thoughts on who should lead and at times may have even argued with those who believe differently than we do. If nothing else has become evident during this time, it is that we struggle as humanity to get along and follow those that are in authority over us. While God is on His throne and already knows who will lead this country moving forward before even one vote is counted, I believe followers of Christ should remember that first and foremost we fall under God’s authority. 

Getting into political arguments has never been anything that I like to do. We all have differences of opinion on many things. I have seen how having different political views can tear families and friendships apart. When I was pursuing my MDiv. I became friends with another youth pastor in the area. We would ride together each week to classes and spent countless hours talking with each other. We even spent over 12 hours in a car driving to a youth pastor’s conference in northern California. After God moved both of us to new places of ministry, I even invited him to be the camp pastor for the youth camp I helped run. A couple of years after that camp, my friend posted on Facebook that he had struggled for years because he felt he could never share his political beliefs with anyone because they differed greatly from the churches that he worked at. As I read his post, my heart broke because I could sense the pain in his words. 

As followers of Christ we are called to love others. I believe that far too often we focus more trying to get others to believe what we believe and forget to love others. We become more focused on making our point rather than finding ways to love others. I believe that if we ask Christians would truly focus more on just loving others we could truly make a difference in the world. After all, Jesus changed people’s lives not merely through the words He spoke but also through the actions of love he performed. Think about it. He made a point to love a cheating tax collector by purposely spending time with him in his home. He chose not to stone a woman caught in the act of adultery but instead loved her and told her to change her lifestyle. He wept with his friends when they lost their brother to sickness. He healed countless people who were ill. He had compassion on those who were hungry. 

Take time today and everyday to find ways to love others around you. It can be through a kind word told to those that usually are ignored. It could be through ministering to those less fortunate than you. It could be helping those who are struggling in various areas of their lives. Loving people does not have to be something grand and extravagant. Loving others is being Jesus to them. It is meeting them where they are at and ministering to their need at that moment. Never underestimate the impact love can have on someone’s life. And who knows, if we can be the church who loves others the way God loves us, maybe we can begin to draw people to God and He can change their lives! Just a thought.

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