What Does Easter Mean for Me Here and Now?

Growing up, Easter always meant going to church, going to my grandparents house after church, and hunting for Easter eggs. We would usually get new outfits to wear for Easter (usually that was the only day we would wear them) and my parents would make sure to get nice pictures of us. I can remember competing with my younger sister each year by trying to find the most eggs.

For many this is what Easter means. Easter is about candy, hunting eggs, and the mythical Easter Bunny that hides the eggs. However, Easter means so much more for followers of Christ. Even in our culture that is moving farther towards secularism, we see that the week leading up to Easter Sunday is filled with various shows and news reports about “Holy Week.” Even in a culture that has turned its back on God in many ways, we see that there is still interest about a Jewish carpenter that lived around 2000 years ago.

For followers of Christ, Easter carries a deeper meaning far beyond eggs and chocolate. We celebrate this coming Sunday the resurrection of Jesus. We remember the day when God’s plan of fixing our sin problem was completed. We celebrate that through Jesus conquered sin and death. We praise God for His love that forgives us, conquers death, and makes us new. 

So what does Easter mean for you here and now? The answer to that question lies in who you are. Have you started a relationship with Jesus? If so, then Easter should be a time of great celebration for God reaching out to humanity and giving us an opportunity to have a relationship with Him. If not, then Easter is simply another holiday on the calendar. 

If you have never started a relationship with Jesus, you are missing what He desires for you. He desires to have a relationship with you. Jesus offers all who believe in Him as Savior and Lord the opportunity to have a relationship with Him. He offers to take your sin away and gives you a new life. 

Pressing on Towards Heaven,

Pastor Ryan


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  1. Carol Weller says:

    We enjoy your ramblings. Sorry we will not be there to hear your sermons. We are in Missouri helping my older sister. Will go to church with her. Have a blessed Easter with your family. Looking forward to coming home around May first.

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