Adoring God
Valuing Maturity
Passionately pursuing people

Who we are

We would love to meet you!

Heart of Mesa has been ministering the the heart of the city of Mesa for over 75 years. We seek to embrace the Mesa community with Jesus’ abundant love. All are welcome to come and experience Jesus every week.


Experience Jesus' love at Heart of Mesa


We desire to be a church that adores God, values personal spiritual maturity, and passionately pursues the lost in our community.

Embracing the Heart of Mesa with Jesus’ abundant love

  • We have a heart for knowledge that aligns our lives with God’s Word
  • We have a heart for living life together in genuine community
  • We have a heart for prayer that permeates our entire lives 
  • We have a heart to be moved to love as Jesus loves
  • We have a heart for active worship